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Gustavo Pardo Valdés 33
In an article published on the website of the Grand Lodge of Spain, entitled “The new Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Cuba calls to build” a space of fraternity and commitment “, announces the election of a new Grand Master in the Grand Lodge of Cuba (Havana) and the purposes announced by it in its first message to the Cuban Freemasons settled on the Island.
According to the publication, Mr. Ernesto Zamora, the new Grand Master, has affirmed “in order to make this, now our combat post, a space of fraternity and commitment to our members and the society to which we belong. Without a doubt, the task will not be easy, as the current times are not, in which we live great changes to which we are not oblivious “,
The previous proposal has two possible interpretations:
1. What Freemasons (and not Freemasons), residents of democratic societies, interpret.
2. The real meaning of these words for Freemasons and Cuban citizens residing on the slave island.
When I point out the satisfaction with which these words are received in the democratic world, I am referring to the fact that these people can not assimilate the restrictions and limitations suffered by the “civilian” organizations established in Cuba, seen in the light of the rights and guarantees that their counterparts enjoy in their respective countries, in which the institutions of civil society enjoy an absolute autonomy to address themselves, to make decisions and to interact with their social environment. Once again I reiterate, this is not the case of Cuban institutions.
From my point of view, to understand and interpret the statement uttered by the new Grand Master, it is necessary to know the essence of the legal-ideological-doctrinal system established by Fidel Castro in Cuba. Let’s look briefly at two of these aspects:
1. The legal aspect, we remember again a thousand times repeated, article 5 of the Cuban Constitution states “The Communist Party of Cuba, Martian and Marxist-Leninist, organized vanguard of the Cuban nation, is the leading force of society and of the State, which organizes and guides common efforts towards the high ends of the construction of socialism and the advance towards the communist society “. In other words, the entire Cuban society depends and must obey absolutely the dictates emanated by the Cuban Communist Party.
2. From its beginnings, the Castro ideological doctrine establishes concepts such as “within the Revolution everything, outside the Revolution nothing”, closing all possible space to differ or dissent from the official policy
In addition, since 1961, date of the proclamation of the socialist state in Cuba, Fidel Castro established the guideline (valid until now) “Revolution, homeland and socialism.” That is, no distinction can be made between the interests of the homeland and those of the Revolution and socialism.

I believe that there is no doubt that the foregoing is in complete agreement with the Castroist line that makes all so dissimilar notions as the noble concept of homeland, together with the nefarious principles of revolution and socialism.
So, here comes the problem, we can ask ourselves: What does the new Grand Master understand when he states “to be able to (…) create a space of fraternity and commitment to our members and the society to which we belong”? What space do Castro’s laws and ideology allow him to implement the Masonic doctrine summarized in the principles of FREEDOM, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY?
Taking into account that an unwritten rule of the Office of Religious Affairs of the Central Committee of the PCC, has as a rule that upon being elected a Cuban Grand Master, his first visit (citation) is to the office of Mrs. Caridad Diego, where she imposes on him the “rules of the game” so as not to fall out of favor with the official policy established by said Office, which is considered the “governing” body of all fraternal and religious institutions established in Cuba and of its activities.

What can the Grand Master do before this reality? Absolutely nothing, except to continue with the game to the official policy followed by their predecessors, that is: submission to the regime and obtain as many donations as possible from abroad.


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